Cheap copies

Recently I have instantly realized that there is a data structure in which copying an object takes almost zero time and energy. Hey Linus, it’s possible to build a filesystem in which copying a 10GB file happens in about 1/10000 sec!

The scientific article about this algorithm is in preparation.

I am going to apply this idea to the blockchain. The future version of this project will have the ability of the state to be copied in a moment.

So, you could for example fork somebody other’s token and change it. You can remove money from thieves’ accounts, for example. Or you can fix a software bug in a non-changeable financial contract.

No need for forks of the blockchains anymore. Forks happen inside the blockchain. Users decide themselves, not a central authority controlling the blockchain.

We, the centralized authority, decide only technological things like the maximum allowed size of our database. You decide the economy!