Features of This Blockchain

Salaries Blockchain has the following distinguishing features:

  • most features of Ethereum
    • but no gas token (we will have a user option to set any token as a gas token)
  • a kind of Proof of Authority validation with validators paid in a token of their choice
  • EVM and WASM smart contract
  • integrated file storage
  • non-expensive financial transactions
  • built-in centralized exchange of tokens
  • Future Salaries contract for financing free software, science, climate, UBI, etc.
  • database cleanups to keep it small (non-expensive) and fast
  • even more reliability than the legacy blockchains
  • copy-on-write forkery (to be added at a later stage)
  • carbon-sucking financial system
  • the carbon-accounting contract can be used instead to provide justice to victims