How Mankind Stuck Humorously

The sheep is mankind, the ring is me 🙂

So, I, the head of this software project, am kinda the greatest mathematician in History (more precisely: I am the greatest with a big handicap fundamental math theory builder in History, that’s an easily verifiable fact): more information.

This way mankind stuck in me. Buffer overflowed… Greed overflowed… (Phenomenal greed of earthlings (the greed of Jews especially is to be noted: I think greed of Jews is not a myth because a food seller in Ashkelon didn’t want me to delay my payment for coffee cup just one day, apparently he thought it’s Bitcoin on a raise, not Shekels) is an important subject of alien inter-scientific study, and is applied as an economical weapon in star wars for effective destruction of enemy civilizations. That explains why God sent to the Earth His messengers and why the Messiah to come to Jews.)

We know creatures that are almost reasonable but stopped to develop… Didn’t an ancient ant philosopher mis-publish an important scientific discovery?

This blockchain is to unstuck you.