Social vs Freedom

The economists long time have the dilemma: social economy vs freedom, socialism vs free market, big taxes vs low taxes.

Neither! Technology.

  • no taxes at all
  • absolute freedom of finances without any centralized money-issuing authority
  • own personal currency for everybody
  • social money that nonprofits may produce
  • no distinction of commerce and nonprofit: all work to be rewarded
  • technology to modify the economy

It’s written very much about the necessity of freedom and dangers of violence. I can’t add more, I am not so much clever to discover something new about this. But I will contribute one more new scientific case:

I psychologically could not have sex with a woman of fox-colored hair or some forms of wide face. Actually, I think I would vomit if forced to do this.

How is this explained biologically? My theory is that fox-color hair or such a form of face signifies for me bacteria in her organisms that are dangerous for me. Consider COVID-19: for somebody it’s harmless but one going into contact with a healthy person would probably die. Likewise, maybe, natural harmless or even symbiotic for her bacteria of fox-colored woman would probably be an STI for me (she may have the coefficient of growth of such bacteria 0.99 making them harmless and and me 1.01 making it a serious disease).

That’s just my opinion, I am not a biologist.

The conclusion is that forced marriage was probably a dangerous thing, a source of STIs. That’s one more example of what may happen if freedoms are violated.